How to ask a Product Question

1. Go to relevant Product Page

Find the shopping page of the item you're interested in.

2. Click on the Review section

This is the section directly below the Product name. Click on the text that either says, 'Write a Review' or 'Reviews'.

3. Click on 'Ask a Question'

This is on the right hand side of the Review section. Click on the grey box that says, 'Ask a Question'.

4. Enter your Question

You will need to enter your question, your name and your email address. Then click on the 'Post' button.

5. Verify your email address

If this is the first time that you've asked a question then you will be asked to verify your identify. To do this, we simply send you an email with a button in it that you need to click on. The button says, 'Confirm your email address.'

6. Wait for your Reply

Once you've verified your address, your question will then come through to us. We'll then respond with the answer.