Customer Service

A handy way for you to get in contact with us about any issues you may be having with our products.

I have a product question

You're thinking about buying an item but have got a question. Let us know and we'll be happy to help.

I'd like to cancel my order

We all change our mind sometimes. Click on the button below to be taken to the form that you need to complete to request that we cancel your order. 

I have a problem with my item

Whatever the issue is that you have with your item; fault, damage, missing parts or manual, please provide us with the information we need to resolve this issue.

I have a problem with my delivery

It's frustrating when you're waiting in for a delivery. Or if something goes wrong during a delivery. Click on the link below so we can investigate for you.

I have a general query

Your question doesn't fall into any of the previous categories. That's ok! Click on the link to complete the form to get in touch.

Customer Service Availability

Please note that the Customer Service team is available to help you with your query between 08:30am and 5:30pm every day including Saturday and Sundays.

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