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Say hello to Autumn! As the leaves begin to turn golden and the colder weather is on the horizon, it's the perfect time to transform your home into a warm and inviting retreat.

Add a touch of cosiness and style to your home by embracing some of this upcoming season's trends in furniture. In this post, we're exploring the top autumn trends in furniture that will help you create a comfortable yet on-trend vibe in your home for the season.

Earthy tones and warm hues

When we think of autumn, we instantly think of rich, earthy colours that mirror the changing landscape outdoors. Think about incorporating rich, warm hues like deep reds, burnt orange and yellow into your furniture to really cosy up your interior.

If you're worried about these colours becoming too overpowering, we suggest opting for accent pieces like our Brompton Sculptural Armchair in Rust Velvet or the Pelham Sofa in Teal - this will really help infuse the warmth of autumn into your home.

Incorporate some textured fabrics

With the colder weather soon creeping up on us, there's nothing quite like snuggling up on a cosy sofa or chair. Including popular autumnal fabrics such as velvet or boucle in your rooms will not only make your space look inviting but will also add to the comfort we all want during autumn. 


Make autumn evenings more inviting with a cosy sofa

Make the most of your space and look for multi-functional furniture


The arrival of autumn also means the festive season is soon on its way too! With plenty of opportunities for gatherings, make the most of your space by opting for more practical and multi-functional furniture choices.

Why not look for pieces that are dual-purpose, such as our Algo Sofa Bed or a coffee table with storage? These easy-to-use and functional items will really help make the most of your space.


Opt for a natural wood finish

The addition of wooden accents can bring a sense of rustic charm to your space. Warm wood finishes like oak and walnut will seamlessly complement the autumnal colour palette. There's nothing quite like enjoying the beauty of natural materials during autumn!

The addition of wooden dining chairs around the dining table will add a certain charm to your dinner parties and will definitely make the table feel like the heart of your home.

This autumn, bring in the warmth and charm of autumn into your homes with these top furniture trends. Add that pop of colour and include that cosy vibe into your home and we're sure you'll be looking for reasons to not leave your home! Take a look at how some of our customers have done up their rooms with our rich, perfect-for-autumn furniture.

Whether you're looking at redecorating your home or just fancy adding an autumnal statement piece, these ideas along with our range of stylish furniture will help you create a welcoming and stylish space.

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