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If you're looking for a way to brighten up your room then adding in a mirror will do just that! As the saying goes, 'Mirror, mirror on the wall', well we believe be it the wall or even the floor, there’s no better way to add some light to your room and make it look even more spacious than with a mirror!

At daals, we’ve recently launched a range of wall and freestanding mirrors. So whether you’re after something neutral and simple or maybe more of a statement focal point, we’ve got you covered.

Wall Mirrors with a twist

Perfect for those areas of the house where you’re limited on floor space, a wall mirror will help make your room appear both brighter and larger without taking up a lot of space. Hang above the fireplace or surrounding some furniture, wall mirrors will fit in seamlessly.

A top tip: place smaller mirrors at head height and larger mirrors opposite a window to help bring the outside in as well as tons of light!

Irregular shaped mirrors

If you’re after something slightly different in terms of shape, then our Berkeley Mirror has a stylish scalloped edge accentuated with a gold finish making it perfect as a standout piece. Or if you fancy something a bit more free-flowing, our Bala Irregular Mirror consists of a frameless design, allowing it to seamlessly blend in to any wall.

Stylish, textured frames

Add some character to your room with a wall mirror like our Luna Bobbin Mirrors. With a washed white finish and an on trend bobbin frame, the Luna mirrors come in compact rectangular and round shapes and are the perfect way to add a little bit of texture to your wall!

Floor Standing Statement Mirrors

Want to see your full outfit before you head out of the house? Having a floor standing mirror in your dressing room or even in the hallway is perfect for that! However, aside from the obvious reasons, having floor standing or full length mirrors are the perfect way to make your rooms appear even bigger than they are! 

Window style mirrors

Redefine your space with a statement floor standing mirror. Opt for the wooden framed Southam arched window mirror if you're looking to add some texture to the room. A mirror that is slightly different due to the window panel design, this is the perfect way to create a striking focal point. If you prefer a more monochrome, industrial metal vibe, then with the ever-popular crittall design, our Chardwell full length window mirror is the one for you! We're all for the Art Deco vibes!

Retro wave mirrors

Prefer a bit of a retro look? Our Venus full length wave mirror will take you back to the 70s with its curved edge finish. Available in both a washed white and walnut finish, our Venus mirror is the perfect way to add some beach vibes to your room!

Classic Arched Mirrors

If you like to keep things simple, then our Eden arched full length mirror with antique gold finish shouts simplicity. With an arched design, the antique gold finish adds the right amount of glamour to jazz up your space. Or if you prefer a freestanding version, which is easy to move around the room, then the Dina Freestanding mirror may be the one. We love it's simple yet attractive arched design!

Traditional Mirrors

Continuing with the simple designs, why not try and incorporate a little bit of a traditional Moroccan design with our Essa full length mirror? Available in black and gold, our Essa mirror encapsulates the best of both worlds - traditional meets modern in one piece! 

Extra Large, irregular statement mirrors

We're going to end with one of our favourites! Our Pavia mirror shouts for attention, the perfect statement piece for your room. With an irregular shape and extra large size, the contemporary Pavia mirror is the perfect way to create a feature wall in your room easily. 

How better to brighten up your space than with a mirror? And with our wide range of newly launched mirrors, you're definitely going to be spoilt for choice! With various different types, designs and colours, we are sure you will find a mirror you love.

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