Important update

Style Rewards



We need to let you know that our reward scheme will come to an end on Sunday 17th December 2021.

We listened to your feedback and that you would prefer us to focus on simply offering great value products everyday.

 If you click the button below it will take you straight to our Rewards page, or if you want to read the FAQ we have on this announcement please scroll to the bottom of this page.




Q When is the last day I can redeem my points ?

A You can continue to earn and redeem points right up until Sunday 17th December 2021.


Q When is the last day that I will be awarded points ?

A You can continue to earn and redeem points right up until Sunday 17th December 2021.


Q What will happen to my points after Style closes ?

A Unfortunately your points will no longer be valid, and we are unable to exchange them for vouchers, we encourage you to redeem before this date.


Q What is the minimum number of points I need to redeem ?

A Currently 100 points can be exchanged for a voucher that gives £5 OFF when you spend £80 or more.


Q I use your site to order products which I sell on to third parties, do I still earn points ?

A Unfortunately this is a breach of our Terms and Conditions and you are not eligible to earn points and risk your order being cancelled.